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Academic Integrity STP050 Module
Advanced Algorithms SIT320 Module
Advanced Digital Forensics SIT703 Module
Advanced Embedded Systems SIT329 Module
Advanced Topics in Artificial Intelligence SIT319 Module
Advanced Topics In Digital Security SIT704 Module
Advanced Topics in Information Technology SIT424 Module
Analytics for Security and Privacy SIT719 Module
Application And Design Of Virtual And Augmented Reality Systems SIT183 Module
Applications of Computer Vision and Speech Processing SIT789 Module
Applied Algebra And Statistics SIT199 Module
Applied Software Engineering SIT725 Module
Artificial and Computational Intelligence SIT215 Module
Audio and Visual Production SIT253 Module
Augmented Reality Systems SIT383 Module
Authoring Of Interactive Media SIT264 Module
Bayesian Learning and Graphical Models SIT743 Module
Blackchain Technologies and Real-World Appplications SIT728 Module
Career Placement STP341 Module
Career Tools for Employability STP710 Module
Career Tools for Employability STP010 Module
Cloud Application Development SIT323 Module
Cloud Applications Design and Development SIT737 Module
Cloud Automation Technologies SIT727 Module
Cloud Computing And Virtualisation SIT113 Module
Cloud Computing Technologies SIT706 Module
Communications Network Security SIT735 Module
Complex Analysis SIT396 Module
Computer Systems SIT111 Module
Computer Crime And Digital Forensics SIT282 Module
Computer Networks and Security SIT716 Module
Concurrent and Distributed Programming SIT315 Module
Content Creation For Virtual Reality SIT757 Module
Creative Coding SIT110 Module
Creative Production SIT352 Module
Cryptography SIT281 Module
Cyber Security Analytics SIT384 Module
Cyber Security Management SIT763 Module
Cyber Security Management SIT284 Module
Data and Information Management SIT103 Module
Data Capture Technologies SIT123 Module
Data Mining And Machine Learning SIT307 Module
Data Science Concepts SIT112 Module
Data Structures And Algorithms SIT221 Module
Database And Information Retrieval SIT772 Module
Deep Learning SIT744 Module
Developing Client-Server Web Applications SIT313 Module
Developing Secure Internet-Of-Things Applications SIT432 Module
Development for Virtual Reality SIT283 Module
Development For Virtual Reality SIT756 Module
Discrete Mathematics SIT192 Module
Embedded Systems Development SIT210 Module
Engineering AI Solutions SIT788 Module
Enterprise Applications Development SIT780 Module
Enterprise, Entrepreneurship and Innovation SIT317 Module
Ethical Hacking SIT379 Module
Exploring IT SIT124 Module
Fundamental Concepts Of Mathematics SIT106 Module
Game Design SIT254 Module
Game Fundamentals SIT151 Module
Honours Mathematics Research 1 SIT490 Module
Honours Mathematics Research 2 SIT492 Module
Honours Mathematics Research 3 SIT493 Module
Human Aligned Artificial Intelligence SIT799 Module
Industry Based Learning STP301 Module
Interaction And Design For Virtual Reality And Augmented Reality SIT755 Module
Interactive Technology Application SIT361 Module
Internship - Information Technology SIT709 Module
Introduction to Artificial Intelligence SIT114 Module
Introduction to creative technologies SIT162 Module
Introduction to Functions, Relations and Graphs SIT190 Module
Introduction To It Professional Practice SIT752 Module
Introduction To Mathematical Modelling SIT194 Module
Introduction To Programming SIT102 Module
Introduction to Responsive Web Apps SIT120 Module
Introduction To Statistics And Data Analysis SIT191 Module
IT Placement SIT306 Module
Linear Algebra For Data Analysis SIT292 Module
Machine Learning SIT720 Module
Mathematical Methods For Information Modelling SIT291 Module
Mathematical Reasoning and Investigation SIT176 Module
Mathematics for Artificial Intelligence SIT787 Module
Mobile Application Development SIT305 Module
Mobile Systems Development SIT708 Module
Modern Data Science SIT742 Module
Multiplayer And Networked Games SIT353 Module
Object-oriented Development SIT232 Module
Object-oriented Development SIT771 Module
Optimisation and Constraint Programming SIT316 Module
Optimization Modelling and Decision Analysis SIT399 Module
Professional Practice SIT791 Module
Professional Practice in Information Technology SIT223 Module
Programming For Engineers SIT172 Module
Real World Analytics SIT718 Module
Real World Practices For Cyber Security SIT182 Module
Reinforcement Learning SIT796 Module
Research And Development In Information Technology SIT740 Module
Research Methods and Practices in Information Technology SIT420 Module
Research Project A SIT723 Module
Research Project B (Thesis) SIT724 Module
Robotics Application Development SIT310 Module
Robotics Studio SIT122 Module
Safety Induction Program SIT010 Module
Secure Networking SIT202 Module
Services Management SIT794 Module
Software Architecture and Scalability for Internet-Of-Things SIT314 Module
Software Engineering 1: Robotics Project SIT217 Module
Software Engineering 2: Developing Internet-Of-Things Applications SIT209 Module
Software Quality And Testing SIT707 Module
Software Requirements Analysis and Modelling SIT773 Module
Statistical Data Analysis SIT741 Module
System Design and Prototyping SIT312 Module
System Security SIT382 Module
Team Project (A) - Project Management and Practices SIT764 Module
Team Project (A) - Project Management and Practices SIT374 Module
Team Project (B) - Execution and Delivery SIT378 Module
Team Project (B) - Execution and Delivery SIT782 Module
Thinking Technology and Design SIT105 Module
User Centred Design SIT216 Module
Web Technologies And Development SIT774 Module

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