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Academic Writing and Communication SSC700 Module
Academic Writing And Communication SSC900 Module
Advanced Cell Biology SLE357 Module
Advanced Topics In Biomedical Science SLE323 Module
Advanced Topics In Chemistry SLE453 Module
Advanced Topics In Forensic Biology SLE356 Module
Advanced Topics In Forensic Science SLE454 Module
Agricultural Biotechnology SLE703 Module
Analytical Chemistry And The Environment SLE316 Module
Animal Behaviour SLE224 Module
Animal Diversity SLE204 Module
Applied Bioinformatics SLE777 Module
Aquaculture SLE362 Module
Aquaculture And The Environment SLE262 Module
Aquatic Animal Health And Reproduction SLE329 Module
Asian Conservation And Environment Sustainability: International Study Tour SLE353 Module
Australian Vegetation And Its Management SLE317 Module
Behavioural Ecology SLE307 Module
Biochemical Metabolism SLE222 Module
Biochemistry SLE212 Module
Biodiversity: A Global Perspective SLE151 Module
Biogeography SLE237 Module
Biology: Form And Function SLE132 Module
Bushfire Management SLE216 Module
Career Placement STP341 Module
Catchments To Coasts SLE349 Module
Cell Biology SLE206 Module
Cells And Genes SLE111 Module
Chemical Systems SLE235 Module
Chemistry For The Professional Sciences SLE155 Module
Chemistry In Our World SLE133 Module
Chemistry The Enabling Science SLE210 Module
Circular Economy SLE715 Module
Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation SSC940 Module
Climate Change Adaptation And Mitigation SLE740 Module
Communicating Science Ideas SLE200 Module
Community Science Project SLE352 Module
Conservation And Land Management In Central Australia: Study Tour SLE230 Module
Disease Ecology And Epidemiology SLE354 Module
Diversity Of Fishes SLE261 Module
Earth Environments And Climate Interpretation SLE395 Module
Ecological And Conservation Genetics SLE341 Module
Ecology And The Environment SLE103 Module
Ecology And The Environment SLEH103 Module
Ecotourism And Environmental Interpretation SLE215 Module
Environmental Botany SLE203 Module
Environmental Management Systems SLE725 Module
Environmental Planning And Impact Assessment SLE207 Module
Environmental Protection SLE716 Module
Environmental Protection And Planning SLE319 Module
Environmental Science And Global Change SLE757 Module
Environmental Sustainability SLE121 Module
Environmental Team Based Research SLE226 Module
Environmental Techniques And Monitoring SLE101 Module
Essential Skills In Science SLE115 Module
Evolution SLE370 Module
Fisheries Management SLE343 Module
Fisheries Science SLE327 Module
Forensic Analysis And Interpretation SLE313 Module
Forensic Biology SLE208 Module
Forensic Genomics SLE228 Module
Foundation For Environmental Science SLE109 Module
Foundation For Environmental Science SLEH109 Module
Foundations Of Zoology SLE117 Module
Freshwater Biology SLE348 Module
Fundamentals Of Forensic Science SLE112 Module
Genetics And Genomics SLE254 Module
Genomes And Bioinformatics SLE340 Module
Geographic Information Systems For Environmental Scientists SLE332 Module
Geographic Information Systems For Marine Environments SLE304 Module
Global Environmental Placement SLE225 Module
Green Chemistry and Industrial Bioprocessing SLE718 Module
Honours Biology Research 1A SLE420 Module
Honours Biology Research 1B SLE421 Module
Honours Biology Research 2 SLE422 Module
Honours Biology Research 3 SLE423 Module
Honours Chemistry Research 1A SLE430 Module
Honours Chemistry Research 1B SLE431 Module
Honours Chemistry Research 2 SLE432 Module
Honours Chemistry Research 3 SLE433 Module
Honours Environmental Science Research 1A SLE440 Module
Honours Environmental Science Research 1B SLE441 Module
Honours Environmental Science Research 2 SLE442 Module
Honours Environmental Science Research 3 SLE443 Module
Human Genetics And Genomics SLE339 Module
Hydrology And Water Resources Management SLE231 Module
Independent Study STP700 Module
Independent Study STP300 Module
Indigenous Engagement: Natural Resource Management SLE218 Module
Industrial Biotechnology SLE713 Module
Industry Practice SLE766 Module
Industry Practice Planning SLE767 Module
Inorganic Chemistry SLE361 Module
Integrating Marine, Coastal And Catchment Management SLE305 Module
International Marine Study Tour SLE266 Module
Introduction To Geographic Information Systems SLE239 Module
Introduction To Parks And Wildlife Conservation SLE114 Module
Laboratory And Fieldwork Safety Induction Program SLE010 Module
Landscape Ecology SLE322 Module
Landscapes And Their Management SLE202 Module
Life On An Evolving Planet SLE136 Module
Managing Environmental Projects SLE303 Module
Marine And Coastal Ecosystems SLE163 Module
Marine And Coastal Ecosystems SLE263 Module
Marine Animal Physiology SLE315 Module
Marine Biology SLE238 Module
Marine Botany SLE265 Module
Marine Ecology SLE244 Module
Marine Ecotoxicology And Risk Assessment SLE325 Module
Marine Environments SLE107 Module
Marine Futures SLE243 Module
Marine Geographic Information Systems SLE245 Module
Marine Invertebrates SLE219 Module
Marine Microbiology And Genomics SLE236 Module
Marine Pollution And Water Quality SLE105 Module
Marine Vertebrates SLE291 Module
Marine Wildlife SLE350 Module
Materials Chemistry SLE330 Module
Medical Microbiology And Immunology SLE334 Module
Microbiology SLE234 Module
Molecular Basis Of Disease SLE346 Module
Molecular Biology Techniques SLE321 Module
Molecular Biotechnology SLE712 Module
Nanobiotechnology SLE706 Module
Ocean Processes SLE108 Module
Oceanography SLE345 Module
Oceans, Coasts And Climate Change SLE128 Module
Organic Chemistry SLE214 Module
Pest Plants And Animals SLE310 Module
Physical Geography SLE102 Module
Physics For The Life Sciences SLE123 Module
Policy And Planning For Sustainable Development SLE721 Module
Policy Instruments For Sustainability SLE308 Module
Principles Of Physiology SLE211 Module
Professional Practice SLE301 Module
Professional Practice In Bioscience SLE390 Module
Professional Research Practice SLE761 Module
Quantitative Marine Ecology SLE242 Module
Quantitative Marine Science SLE240 Module
Recreational Fisheries Science SLE134 Module
Regional Development Economics And Planning SLE741 Module
Regional Development Modelling SLE743 Module
Research Design And Data Analysis SLE452 Module
Research Impact and Management SLE762 Module
Research Methods And Data Analysis SLE251 Module
Research Project SLE314 Module
Research Project SLE764 Module
Research Project (Advanced) SLE765 Module
Research Project Planning SLE763 Module
Resource Efficiency And Waste Management SLE320 Module
Risk Assessment And Control SLE720 Module
Risks To Healthy Environments SLE342 Module
Science And Society SLE209 Module
Science Professionalism SLE451 Module
Sensory Neurobiology And Behaviour SLE397 Module
Society And Environment SLE201 Module
Sustainability In The Anthropocene SLE756 Module
Synthetic And Medicinal Chemistry SLE318 Module
Synthetic Biology SLE717 Module
Systems And Strategic Thinking SLE742 Module
Systems Physiology SLE221 Module
The Analytical Chemist'S Toolbox SLE213 Module
The Blue Planet: Water And Life SLE104 Module
Toxicology SLE312 Module
Transdisciplinary Marine Science SLE363 Module
Vertebrate Structure And Function SLE205 Module
Water Quality And Ecological Health SLE223 Module
Wildlife Conservation And Management SLE309 Module
Wildlife Ecology SLE220 Module
Wildlife Field Studies SLE302 Module
Zoological And Wildlife Field Studies SLE355 Module

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