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Advanced Control Systems Engineering SEE701 Module
Advanced Finite Element Analysis SEM712 Module
Advanced Manufacturing Technology SEM722 Module
Advanced Modelling And Simulation SEM406 Module
Advanced Stress Analysis SEM302 Module
Advanced Structural Design SEN769 Module
Air And Noise Pollution SEV311 Module
Analogue And Digital Electronics SEE216 Module
Applied Rock Engineering SEN727 Module
Artificial Intelligence For Autonomous Systems SEE326 Module
Computational Fluid Dynamics SEM400 Module
Continuing Professional Development SEP701 Module
Control Systems SEE344 Module
Control Systems Engineering SEJ302 Module
Data Communication SEE312 Module
Design For Additive Manufacturing SEM724 Module
Design Fundamentals SEJ101 Module
Distributed Generation System SEE213 Module
Dynamics Of Machines SEM327 Module
Electrical Machines And Drives SEE308 Module
Electrical Systems Engineering Project SEJ102 Module
Electrical Systems Protection SEE716 Module
Electromechanical Systems SER204 Module
Electromechanical Systems Design SER301 Module
Embedded Systems SEE712 Module
Embedded Systems Design SEE222 Module
Energy Efficiency And Demand Management SEE705 Module
Energy Market And Policy SEE707 Module
Engineering Design SEM721 Module
Engineering Entrepreneurship SEB725 Module
Engineering In Society SEJ104 Module
Engineering Leadership SEB724 Module
Engineering Management Case Study SEN730 Module
Engineering Management Project SEN731 Module
Engineering Modelling SEP291 Module
Engineering Physics SEB101 Module
Engineering Project SEJ440 Module
Engineering Project 2 SEJ442 Module
Engineering Project A SEJ441 Module
Engineering Project B SEJ446 Module
Engineering Project Initiation SEN710 Module
Engineering Project Management SEB723 Module
Engineering Sustainability SET721 Module
Engineering Work Experience SEP490 Module
Environmental Analysis SET211 Module
Environmental Health Engineering SEV201 Module
Environmental Health Engineering SEVH201 Module
Field Investigation SEJ202 Module
Fluid Mechanics SEM218 Module
Geotechnical Engineering SEV362 Module
Geotechnical Investigation And Design SEV200 Module
Global Environmental Systems SEV101 Module
Hydrology And Hydraulics SEV322 Module
Industrial Control SEM301 Module
Infrastructure Engineering SEV415 Module
Infrastructure Engineering SEN770 Module
Instrumentation And Process Control SEE710 Module
Integrated Catchment Systems SEV401 Module
Intelligent Systems For Autonomous Control SEN771 Module
Introduction To Programming For Engineers SEP105 Module
Introduction To Safety And Project Oriented Learning SEJ010 Module
Machine Design SEM200 Module
Machine Design Ii SEMW201 Module
Managing And Developing Innovation SEB711 Module
Managing Engineering Projects SEN723 Module
Manufacturing SEM313 Module
Mastery Of Engineering SEP702 Module
Materials Engineering Project SEJ103 Module
Materials Engineering Project SEJW103 Module
Materials For Additive Manufacturing SEM725 Module
Materials Performance And Durability SEJ751 Module
Materials Performance And Durability SEJ451 Module
Mechatronic Design SER300 Module
Microgrid Design And Management SEE719 Module
Power Electronics SEE212 Module
Power Engineering Design SEE210 Module
Power System Analysis SEE406 Module
Power System Protection Design And Safety SEE333 Module
Product Development SED304 Module
Product Development Technologies SEM711 Module
Product Modelling And Design SED344 Module
Professional Engineering Practice SEP499 Module
Professional Practice SEL703 Module
Programming and Visualisation SER203 Module
Project Implementation And Evaluation SEN720 Module
Project Initiation SEN719 Module
Railway Infrastructure Design And Management SEN729 Module
Reinforced Concrete And Steel Structures SEV300 Module
Renewable Energy Systems SEE718 Module
Research Methodology SEN700 Module
Road And Pavement Engineering SEV254 Module
Safety Induction Program SEE700 Module
Scada And Plc SEE407 Module
Sensor Networks SEE711 Module
Simulation, Testing and Validation for Additive Manufacturing SEM723 Module
Smart Grid Systems SEE717 Module
Steel And Timber Structures SEV323 Module
Stress And Failure Analysis SEM216 Module
Structural Design SEJ201 Module
Structural Design SEJW201 Module
Sustainable Design SET111 Module
Systems And Signals SEE307 Module
Theory Of Structures SEV320 Module
Thermo-fluid System Design SEM300 Module
Thermo-Fluid Systems SEM310 Module
Thermodynamics SEM202 Module
Traffic And Transport Engineering SEV402 Module
Transmission And Distribution System Design SEE332 Module
Transportation Infrastructure Systems SEN728 Module
Urban Stormwater Asset Design SEN725 Module
Virtual And Augmented Interfaces SER400 Module
Waste Engineering And Transformation Systems SEV331 Module
Water Engineering Design SEV301 Module

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