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Name Code Type
Aboriginal Knowledges And Experiences: Historical Journeys-contemporary Perspectives IND201 Module
Designing An Indigenous Research Project IND702 Module
Exploring Collaborative Land Management IND711 Module
Facilitation and Engagement for Natural and Cultural Resources Management IND717 Module
Indigenous Research Methods And Methodology IND701 Module
Interpreting Cultural Landscapes IND710 Module
Introduction To Aboriginal Studies IND101 Module
Natural & Cultural Resource Management IND710_IND711_IND712_IND713_IND714_IND715_IND716 Module
New Media and the Environment IND713 Module
Policy and Governance for Environmental Management IND712 Module
Professional Practice for Land Management IND716 Module
Reading For Indigenous Research: Theory And Debates In The Discipline IND703 Module
Reading In The Discipline IND704 Module
Research And Communication For Country IND715 Module
Strategic Planning And Project Management For Country IND714 Module
Thesis Part A IND705 Module
Thesis Part B IND706 Module

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