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A History Of Australian Football, 1858-2020 AST250 Module
Academic Integrity AAI018 Module
Activists Beyond Borders AIR348 Module
Advanced Arabic Language Skills AIB309 Module
Advanced Chinese For Business Purposes C AIC387 Module
Advanced Chinese For Business Purposes D AIC389 Module
Advanced Topics In Spanish ALS370 Module
Advanced Writing And Translation Skills In Languages AIX301 Module
African American History From Slavery To Black Lives Matter AIH276 Module
Anthropology Of Crime And Violence ASS329 Module
Anthropology Of Poverty And Development ASS205 Module
Applied Arabic 1B: The Language And Its Culture AIB152 Module
Applied Heritage Project AIM733 Module
Applied Humanitarian Assistance: From Theory To Practice AHA722 Module
Arabic And The World 2A: Communicating Using Arabic AIB251 Module
Arabic And The World 2B: Texts And Contexts In Arabic AIB252 Module
Arabic And The World 3A: Contemporary Arabic In A Range Of Contexts AIB351 Module
Arabic And The World 3B: Applying Arabic In Complex And Contemporary Contexts AIB352 Module
Arts And Sports-Based Approaches To Community Development ADS720 Module
Australia And The Changing Asia-Pacific AIR202 Module
Australia In The Age Of Total War 1914-1945 AIH238 Module
Australia Today: An Introduction To Australia AIX290 Module
Australia's Empire: Colonialism In Papua New Guinea AIH326 Module
Australian Foreign Policy AIR712 Module
Being Human (With The Nonhuman) ASS203 Module
Buddhist Studies In India ASP263 Module
Building Language Skills For Real Life Spanish Use ALS200 Module
Careers In Criminal Justice ACR306 Module
Challenges To Democratic Governance AIP746 Module
China And The World AIR701 Module
China: From Empire To Republic AIE334 Module
Chinese 1A: An Introduction To The Language And Culture AIC181 Module
Chinese 1B: Consolidating Skills And Knowledge In Cultural Contexts AIC182 Module
Chinese 2A: Communication And Culture In Everyday Chinese Societies AIC281 Module
Chinese 2B: Culture, Society And Language In Contemporary Chinese Communities AIC282 Module
Chinese 2C: Chinese In Real Life: Language, Culture And Society In Contemporary Chinese Societies AIC283 Module
Chinese 2D: Chinese In Real Life: Putting The Language To Work In Contemporary Contexts AIC284 Module
Chinese 3A: The Four Pillars In Developing Fluency In Chinese AIC381 Module
Chinese 3B: The Four Pillars In Finding Fluency And Your Voice In Chinese AIC382 Module
Chinese 3C: Chinese In The Professions - Developing And Enhancing Capacities In A Global Context AIC383 Module
Chinese 3D: Chinese In The Professions - Enhancing Capacities In A Global Context AIC384 Module
Chinese For Business Purposes A AIC385 Module
Chinese For Business Purposes B AIC386 Module
Colonial Encounters: From Invasion To Federation AIH288 Module
Community From Participation To Activism ADS704 Module
Community, Development And Humanitarianism In An Era Of Climate Crisis ADH713 Module
Conflict And Its Legacies In Modern Asia AIH267 Module
Contemporary Context of Cemetery Practice AIN701 Module
Contemporary International Politics AIR747 Module
Contemporary Islam: Religion, Culture & Politics ASR208 Module
Contemporary Social Research ASC250 Module
Contextualising Indonesian Language AIF242 Module
Create Your Own Career APE101 Module
Crime And Innovative Justice ACR701 Module
Crime Prevention And Security ACR211 Module
Crime, Media And Justice ACR204 Module
Crime, Surveillance And Technology ACR212 Module
Crime, Terrorism And Security ACR305 Module
Crime, Victims And Justice ACR203 Module
Criminological Policy And Criminal Justice Practice ACR702 Module
Criminology In Action ACR206 Module
Criminology Research ACR302 Module
Criminology Theory ACR202 Module
Critical Criminology Theory ACR703 Module
Critical Issues In Middle East Politics AIR255 Module
Critical Issues In Strategic Studies AIS705 Module
Critical Thinking ASP108 Module
Critique And Creativity: Contemporary French Philosophy ASP309 Module
Cross Cultural Communication And Practice ADS715 Module
Cultural Heritage And Museum Practice AIM719 Module
Cultural Heritage And Museum Studies AIM802 Module
Cultural Heritage and Museums Studies Field School AIM718 Module
Culture And Communication ASS102 Module
Culture And Control: Boundaries And Identities ASC304 Module
Culture, Law And Universal Rights ASS235 Module
Cultures Of Resistance In The Spanish - Speaking World ALS325 Module
Cyber Crime And Digital Surveillance ACR705 Module
Cyborg Anthropology ASS330 Module
Demonstrating Strategic Leadership in Humanitarian Contexts AHL704 Module
Demontrer Son Leadership Strategique AHLF704 Module
Designing Research Into Defence And National Security AIS706 Module
Developing Exhibitions AIM727 Module
Developing Humanitarian Leadership AHL702 Module
Digital Interpretation AIM715 Module
Diplomacy And The United Nations AIR349 Module
Disaster Risk Reduction And Community Led Recovery AHA724 Module
Doing Urban Anthropology ASS204 Module
Engaging The Contemporary Hispanic World With Fluency ALS350 Module
Environmental Crime And Regulation ACR706 Module
Environmental Politics AIP245 Module
Ethics In Global Society ASP216 Module
Europe'S Political Transformations AIP243 Module
European Politics And Business (Audencia Business School) AXA317 Module
Evidence and Decision Making in Humanitarian Action ADH703 Module
Food And Water Security ADH712 Module
Formal And Informal Indonesian AIF241 Module
Freedom And Power: Existentialism And Beyond ASP211 Module
Freud And Philosophy ASP224 Module
Fundamentals Of Humanitarian Management AHA723 Module
Gender And Development ADH714 Module
Gender And Sexuality In Islam ASR206 Module
Gender, Globalisation And Development AIS204 Module
Gender, Media And Society ASC300 Module
Getting Into The Flow: Building Fluency And Competency In Spanish ALS300 Module
Global Capitalism And Power AIR200 Module
Global Crime, Prevention and Responses ACR709 Module
Global Disasters AIH383 Module
Global Political Economy AIR728 Module
Governance And Accountability AIP773 Module
Government And Politics Of The United States AIP208 Module
Great Power Relations AIR204 Module
Hatred, Conspiracies And Violence In A Digital World ASC320 Module
Heritage In The Field AIM717 Module
Heritage Interpretation AIM723 Module
Heritage Practice: Conservation And Managing Change AIM703 Module
Heritage Practice: Fundamentals AIM705 Module
History From Here AIH350 Module
History of the Middle East AIE153 Module
Hola!: Welcome To The Hispanic World, Its Language And Cultures ALS100 Module
Honours Research Design AIX493 Module
Honours Theory And Debates In The Discipline AIX497 Module
Honours Thesis A AIX495 Module
Honours Thesis B AIX496 Module
Honours, Reading In The Discipline AIX499 Module
Human Rights In World Politics AIR203 Module
Human Rights In World Politics AIR726 Module
Human Security In Global Politics AIR729 Module
Humanitarian - Development Nexus ADH702 Module
Humanitarian Assistance Trial HUMANI Module
Humanitarian Knowledge And Principles AHA721 Module
Humanitarian Settlement AHD716 Module
Humanitarian Settlement AHA716 Module
Immersion Program: Japanese Politics, Society And Culture AIS203 Module
Individual Professional Project APE201 Module
Indonesian Society Through Literature AIF320 Module
Inequality, Power And Justice ACR214 Module
Intangible Cultural Heritage AIM709 Module
Intercultural Communication AIS101 Module
Intergovernmental Relations: Federalism, Power And Multi-Level Governance AIP748 Module
International And Community Development Internship ADS753 Module
International And Comparative Criminal Justice ACR301 Module
International Conflict Analysis AIR717 Module
International Futures AIS304 Module
International Internship A AIS330 Module
International Internship B AIS331 Module
International Migration And Multicultural Societies ASC233 Module
International Relations Theory AIR742 Module
International Studies Capstone Portfolio AIS303 Module
Internship A APE700 Module
Internship Capstone APE701 Module
Introducing Crime And Criminal Justice ACR102 Module
Introducing Crime And Criminology ACR101 Module
Introduction To International And Community Development ADH700 Module
Introduction To International And Community Development ADS701 Module
Introduction To Politics AIP107 Module
Introduction To Sociology: The Sociological Imagination ASC101 Module
Introduction To Sociology: The Sociology Of Everyday Life ASC102 Module
Introduction To The Indonesian Language AIF142 Module
Introduction To The Spanish-Speaking World Through Its Arts, Histories And Cultures ALS225 Module
Introduction To Translation Skills AIB310 Module
Introduction To University Study AIX160 Module
Issues In Criminal Justice ACR201 Module
Justice And Equality ASP214 Module
Key Concepts In International Relations AIR242 Module
Language And Reality ASP326 Module
Le Monde Humanitaire AHLF701 Module
Leadership In Delivery Of Humanitarian Operations AHLF703 Module
Leadership in Humanitarian Operations AHL703 Module
Leadership In Museums And Heritage Organisations AIM735 Module
Love, Sex And Death ASP129 Module
Love, Sex And Relationships ASC287 Module
Major Thesis A AIX702 Module
Major Thesis B AIX703 Module
Making History AIH399 Module
Making Policy AIP704 Module
Management of Humanitarian Health Programs AHL705 Module
Managing Collections AIM722 Module
Media And Politics: Campaign Strategies AIP347 Module
Media And Politics: Campaign Strategies AIP247 Module
Medical Anthropology ASS206 Module
Middle East Study Tour AIE365 Module
Mindfulness, Meditation, And Buddhism ASR205 Module
Minds In Action: Philosophy Of Human And Artificial Intelligence (Ai) ASP299 Module
Minor Thesis A AIX704 Module
Minor Thesis B AIX705 Module
Museums, Heritage And Society AIM736 Module
Mysticism and Religious Experience ASR310 Module
Myth And Ritual ASS233 Module
Non-Government Organisations And Other Development Actors ADS711 Module
Our Northern Neighbour: Understanding Indonesia AIF146 Module
Participatory And Community Development Practice ADS705 Module
People And Place: An Introduction To Human Geography AIG103 Module
Peoples Of The World ASS101 Module
Philosophies Of Religion: Western, Asian, And Contemporary Inquiries ASP327 Module
Philosophy, Art, Film ASP228 Module
Philosophy, Happiness, And The Good Life ASP215 Module
Plato And Nietzsche ASP210 Module
Policy And Advocacy In Development Contexts ADS721 Module
Policy And How It Shapes Us AIP230 Module
Policy Lessons From Overseas AIP740 Module
Political Communication AIP781 Module
Political Competition AIP785 Module
Political Development Record ADS734 Module
Political Parties And Social Movements AIP301 Module
Political Values And Public Policy AIP703 Module
Politics Of Poverty And Prosperity AIP211 Module
Popular Culture And Society In Languages AIX300 Module
Populism And Policing Futures ACR707 Module
Practical Arabic: An Introduction To The Language And Its Sounds AIB151 Module
Private Sector Development: Corporations, Social-Enterprise And Microfinance ADS722 Module
Professional And Academic Indonesian AIF342 Module
Professional Practice Internship APE301 Module
Project And Financial Management In Humanitarian Contexts AHA725 Module
Public Criminology And Criminological Knowledge ACR704 Module
Qualitative Research AIX707 Module
Quantitative Research AIX708 Module
Regionalism In International Politics AIR753 Module
Religion And Social Change ASC211 Module
Religion, Rights And Governance ASR300 Module
Religion, Spirituality and Popular Culture ASR200 Module
Religious and Cultural Practices of Bereavement and Interment AIN702 Module
Research Communication AIX494 Module
Research Design AIX706 Module
Research Paper AIX701 Module
Research Project Capstone ADH790 Module
Researching Democracy AIP300 Module
Rethinking Democracy: Past, Present And Future AIP783 Module
Security And Strategy AIR748 Module
Selected Topics In Spanish ALS360 Module
Sex And Gender In The British Empire AIH205 Module
Sex, Race, Gender: Empires, 1750-1950 AIH305 Module
Social Theory Rewired: Power, Passion And Post Humanism ASC308 Module
Sociolinguistic Contexts Of Formal Indonesian Language AIF341 Module
Sociology Of Health ASC206 Module
Spanish And You: Spanish For Everyday Life ALS150 Module
Spanish In Diverse Contexts: Language And Societies In The Spanish Speaking World ALS250 Module
Sport In History AST256 Module
Sport, Bodies, Action! AST205 Module
State-Corporate Crime ACR711 Module
Surveillance And Social Justice ACR304 Module
Sustainability And Development ADH717 Module
Sustainability And Human Rights In Heritage And Museums AIM720 Module
Team Professional Project APE202 Module
Terrorism In International Politics AIR732 Module
The Arab-Israeli Conflict AIE364 Module
The Development Project Cycle ADS723 Module
The Economic Development Record ADH733 Module
The Holocaust AIH264 Module
The Humanitarian World AHL701 Module
The Humanitarian World ADH701 Module
The Modern World: Globalisation And Fragmentation, The 1940S To The 21St Century AIH108 Module
The Modern World: Nations, Empires, Ideologies, 1860S To 1930S AIH107 Module
The Past in the Present: the Geographies of Heritage and Tourism AIG211 Module
The Politics Of Asylum In Australia And Asia AIP209 Module
The Politics Of Australia'S Economy AIP780 Module
The United Nations And International Organisation AIR707 Module
Theories And Critiques Of Development ADS733 Module
Transforming Buddhism ASR207 Module
Transnational Activism And Policy AIR720 Module
Urban Geography: Australian and International Perspectives AIG300 Module
Using And Abusing The Past AIH240 Module
Visions And Values In Politics AIP116 Module
War, Terrorism And Humanitarian Responses AIR102 Module
Why Research Matters AER730 Module
Working In International Contexts AIS102 Module
Working In International Contexts AIS201 Module
World Heritage AIM708 Module
World In Crisis AIR101 Module
World Religions ASR100 Module
Youth Culture And Identity ASC210 Module

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