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Advanced Anatomy For Exercise Scientists HSE329 Module
Advanced Exercise Prescription HSE322 Module
Advanced Sport Coaching Theory And Practice HSE205 Module
Advanced Strength And Conditioning HSE331 Module
Advanced Training Design For Sport HSE725 Module
Applied Sports Science 1 HSE311 Module
Applied Sports Science 2 HSE314 Module
Assessing Food Intake And Activity HSN305 Module
Assessment Methods For Nutrition And Physical Activity Research HSN719 Module
Athlete Development And Performance Management HSE720 Module
Biochemistry And Physiology For Human Nutrition HSN749 Module
Biomechanics HSE202 Module
Children'S Physical Activity And Sport HSE213 Module
Clinical And Sport Biomechanics HSE323 Module
Clinical Dietetic Practice HSN747 Module
Clinical Practicum 1 HSE714 Module
Clinical Practicum 2 HSE715 Module
Clinical Practicum 3 HSE717 Module
Cognitive And Behavioural Aspects Of Sport And Exercise HSE309 Module
Community And Public Health Nutrition HSN745 Module
Consumer And Sensory Innovation Of Food HSN319 Module
Developing Research Skills HSE401 Module
Diet And Disease HSN301 Module
Diet And Lifestyle Diseases HSN703 Module
Dietary Modification To Improve Health HSN754 Module
Essentials Of Exercise Delivery HSE103 Module
Essentials Of Food Science HSN735 Module
Evidence Based Practice For Sport Science HSE722 Module
Exercise And Sport Laboratory Safety HSE070 Module
Exercise And Sport Laboratory Safety HSE010 Module
Exercise And Sports Science Practicum HSE312 Module
Exercise In Health And Disease HSE320 Module
Exercise Metabolism HSE303 Module
Exercise Physiology HSE201 Module
Exercise Physiology Across The Lifespan HSE709 Module
Exercise Physiology For Cardiopulmonary Disease HSE705 Module
Exercise Physiology For Metabolic Disease HSE704 Module
Exercise Physiology For Musculoskeletal Injury And Disease HSE707 Module
Exercise Physiology For Neurological And Neuromuscular Disease HSE702 Module
Exercise Prescription For Fitness And Health HSE301 Module
Exercise Programming HSE302 Module
Food Analysis And Quality Assurance HSN206 Module
Food And Nutrition Laboratory Safety HSN070 Module
Food And Nutrition Laboratory Safety HSN010 Module
Food And Nutrition Practicum HSN311 Module
Food Fundamentals HSN106 Module
Food Manufacturing And Process Innovation HSN315 Module
Food Policy And Regulation HSN309 Module
Food Safety HSN204 Module
Food Service Management HSN742 Module
Food, Nutrition And Behaviour HSN713 Module
Food, Nutrition And Society HSN308 Module
Foundations Of Food, Nutrition And Health HSN101 Module
Functional Human Anatomy HSE102 Module
Global Perspectives In Physical Activity And Exercise For Health HSE332 Module
Healthy And Sustainable Food Systems HSN105 Module
Honours Research Project HSE402 Module
Honours Research Project HSN414 Module
Human Growth, Development And Ageing For Exercise Scientists HSE113 Module
Integrated Human Physiology HSE208 Module
International Nutrition HSN738 Module
International Perspectives In Food And Nutrition HSN360 Module
International Perspectives In Food And Nutrition HSN760 Module
International Perspectives On Exercise And Sports Science HSE360 Module
Introduction To Anatomy And Physiology HBS109 Module
Issues In Sport Coaching HSE305 Module
Lifespan Nutrition HSN202 Module
Lifespan Nutrition HSN702 Module
Management And Leadership In High Performance Sport HSE721 Module
Mental Health And Exercise Behaviour HSE703 Module
Motor Learning And Development HSE204 Module
Muscle Biology For Exercise Science HSE110 Module
Notational Analysis Of Sport Performance HSE726 Module
Nutrition And Food Promotion HSN210 Module
Nutrition For Exercise Scientists HSE330 Module
Nutrition For Healthy Ageing HSN743 Module
Nutrition Promotion HSN708 Module
Nutrition Research Project Part A HSN750 Module
Nutrition Research Project Part B HSN751 Module
Nutritional Issues From Early Childhood To Adolescence HSN746 Module
Nutritional Physiology HSN211 Module
Obesity Prevention HSN734 Module
Pathways In The Physical Activity, Exercise And Health Industry HSE112 Module
Physical Activity And Exercise For Health HSE111 Module
Physical Activity And Population Health HSE316 Module
Physical Activity Promotion And Evaluation HSE212 Module
Physiology Of Human Growth And Development HSN107 Module
Physiology Of Sport Performance HSE304 Module
Policy And Practice For Healthy And Sustainable Food Systems HSN706 Module
Population Nutrition HSN302 Module
Postgraduate Nutrition Practicum HSN741 Module
Pre Clinical Practice 1 HSE711 Module
Pre Clinical Practice 2 HSE712 Module
Principles Of Dietetics HSN744 Module
Principles Of Nutrition HSN701 Module
Principles Of Sport Coaching HSE105 Module
Professional Placement and Development HSE730 Module
Professional Practice For Dietetics HSN758 Module
Program Evaluation For Sport Science HSE723 Module
Public Health Nutrition HSN705 Module
Research For Evidence Based Dietetic Practice HSN740 Module
Research In Clinical Exercise Physiology HSE706 Module
Research Methods HBS400 Module
Research Methods And Data Analysis In Exercise And Sport HSE104 Module
Research Practice In Human Nutrition HSN753 Module
Research Project Part A HSR701 Module
Research Project Part B HSR702 Module
Sensory Evaluation Of Food HSN223 Module
Sport Coaching And Development Practicum HSE321 Module
Sport Science Literature Review And Application HSE728 Module
Sport Science Research Project HSE729 Module
Sports Nutrition HSN709 Module
Sports Nutrition: Theory And Practice HSN307 Module
Strength And Conditioning For High Performing Athletes HSE724 Module
Systems Thinking In Public Health Nutrition HSN714 Module
The Science Of Food HSN104 Module
Time And Motion Analysis Of Sport Performance HSE727 Module
Trends In Product Development HSN320 Module
Understanding Human Nutrition Research Studies HSN715 Module
Volunteering in Exercise and Nutrition Sciences HSN227 Module

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