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Advanced Concepts In Specialty Nursing Practice HNN788 Module
Advanced Health Assessment And Diagnostic Reasoning HNN730 Module
Advanced Physiology And Patient Assessment HNN751 Module
Cardiac Care Nursing 1 HNN765 Module
Cardiac Care Nursing 2 HNN775 Module
Challenges In Infant Care HNM323 Module
Child And Adolescent Health HNN300 Module
Chronic Illness And Supportive Care HNN319 Module
Clinical Challenges In Infant Care HNM705 Module
Clinical Challenges In Maternity Care HNM704 Module
Clinical Excellence In Nurse Practitioner Practice HNN733 Module
Clinical Leadership And Collaborative Practice HNN704 Module
Clinical Practicum HNN025 Module
Clinical Research Methods HNN732 Module
Collaboration In Midwifery Care HNM202 Module
Community Nursing Practice HNN217 Module
Complexities In Midwifery Care HNM313 Module
Comprehensive Nursing Practice HNN325 Module
Contemporary Nurse Practitioner Role HNN731 Module
Contexts Of Midwifery Practice HNM703 Module
Core Principles Of Care For The Critically Ill Patient HNN752 Module
Core Principles Of Intraoperative Nursing Care HNN740 Module
Core Principles Of Perianaesthesia Nursing Care HNN755 Module
Critical Care Nursing 1 HNN767 Module
Critical Care Nursing 2 HNN777 Module
Diabetes In Social And Psychological Contexts HND732 Module
Emergency Care Nursing 1 HNN766 Module
Emergency Care Nursing 2 HNN776 Module
Ethical Dimensions in Nursing and Midwifery HNN714 Module
Facilitating Clinical Learning HNN771 Module
Health Assessment HNN114 Module
Healthcare In Low Resource/Complex Environments (lrce) HNN772 Module
Healthcare Management of Vulnerable Populations HNN773 Module
Inquiry Into Specialty Nursing Practice HNN750 Module
Intensive Care Nursing 1 HNN764 Module
Intensive Care Nursing 2 HNN774 Module
International Nursing Study Tour HNN216 Module
Leadership And Clinical Governance HNN320 Module
Leadership And Management In Nursing HNN715 Module
Learning And Teaching For Health Professionals HND731 Module
Legal Ethical And Contemporary Issues In Australian Nursing Practice HNN026 Module
Management Of Diabetes HND702 Module
Maternity Nursing: Pregnancy, Birth And The Newborn HNN207 Module
Mental Health And Illness HNN222 Module
Mental Health Promotion HNN301 Module
Midwifery Practice 1 HNM310 Module
Midwifery Practice 2 HNM311 Module
Nursing Practice In Australia HNN021 Module
Nursing Research Thesis A HNN756 Module
Nursing Research Thesis B HNN757 Module
Nursing Research Thesis C HNN758 Module
Nursing Research Thesis D HNN759 Module
Partnerships In Midwifery Care 1 HNM101 Module
Partnerships In Midwifery Care 2 HNM102 Module
Partnerships In Midwifery Care 3 HNM201 Module
Pathophysiology Of Diabetes HND701 Module
Patient Safety And Risk Management HNN749 Module
Perioperative Nursing HNN313 Module
Perspectives On Educational Leadership HNN321 Module
Perspectives On Leadership And Management HNN208 Module
Perspectives On Research Leadership HNN210 Module
Primary Midwifery Practice HNM314 Module
Principles Of Complex Intraoperative Nursing Care HNN743 Module
Principles Of Complex Perianaesthesia Nursing Care HNN742 Module
Quality And Safety In Health Care HNN120 Module
Quality And Safety In Medication Management HNN780 Module
Quality And Safety: Nursing Practice 1 HNN112 Module
Quality And Safety: Nursing Practice 2 HNN122 Module
Quality And Safety: Nursing Practice 3 HNN227 Module
Quality Use Of Medicines HNN215 Module
Research In Nursing And Midwifery HNN727 Module
Research Planning In Nursing HNR412 Module
Research Project 1 HNR410 Module
Research Project 2 HNR411 Module
Rural And Remote Area Nursing HNN348 Module
The Older Person And Supportive Care HNN318 Module
The Woman And Newborn Infant HNM702 Module
The Woman During Pregnancy, Labour And Birth HNM701 Module
Therapeutic Medication Management HNN781 Module
Understanding Research Evidence HNN108 Module

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