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Name Code Type
Academic Induction For Postgraduate Information Systems MIS070 Module
Academic Induction For The Bachelor Of Information Systems MIS010 Module
Advanced Artificial Intelligence for Business MIS780 Module
Applied Business Project MIS399 Module
Artificial Intelligence for Business MIS373 Module
Business Analytics MIS171 Module
Business Analytics Project MIS793 Module
Business Intelligence MIS781 Module
Business Intelligence And Data Warehousing MIS271 Module
Business Process Management MIS352 Module
Business Requirements Analysis MIS201 Module
Business Requirements Analysis MIS701 Module
Decision Analytics MIS275 Module
Decision Analytics In Practice MIS779 Module
Decision Modelling For Business Analytics MIS775 Module
Descriptive Analytics And Visualisation MIS771 Module
Design Thinking for Innovation MIS776 Module
Enterprise Architecture and Governance MIS732 Module
Enterprise Information Management MIS761 Module
Ethics of Digital Transformation MIS741 Module
Foundation Skills In Data Analysis MIS770 Module
Foundation Skills In Data Analysis MIS770A Module
Human Resource Analytics MIS714 Module
Information Security, Governance and the Cloud MIS211 Module
Information Systems In Practice MIS799 Module
Making Sense Of Information MIS203 Module
Managing Data And Information MIS202 Module
Managing Digital Transformations MIS712 Module
Marketing Analytics MIS384 Module
Marketing Analytics MIS784 Module
Predictive Analytics MIS772 Module
Predictive Analytics MIS272 Module
Professional Ethics In The Digital Age MIS231 Module
Project Management MIS798 Module
Project Management MIS398 Module
Social Media Analytics and Data Driven Innovation MIS362 Module
Social Media And Mobile Strategies MIS312 Module
Strategic Supply Chain Management MIS313 Module
Supply Chain Management And Logistics MIS713 Module
Value Of Information MIS782 Module

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