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Name Code Type
Advanced Retail Management MMK317 Module
Applied Strategic Marketing MPK733 Module
Brand Management MMK280 Module
Brand Management (Tour) MMT280 Module
Business Marketing MMK368 Module
Consultancy Experience MWL316 Module
Consumer Behaviour MMK266 Module
Consumer Behaviour MPK713 Module
Creating Entrepreneurial Impact MMM753 Module
Critiquing Entrepreneurship MMM750 Module
Cultural Experience MWL705 Module
Discipline Reading Unit MMM908 Module
Entrepreneurship Experience MWL717 Module
Entrepreneurship Experience MWL317 Module
Exploring Socio-Economic Innovation MMM751 Module
Fan and Participant Engagement MMS702 Module
Industry Based Learning MWL715 Module
Industry Based Learning MWL315 Module
Integrated Marketing Communication MMK738 Module
Integrated Marketing Communications In The Digital Age MMK295 Module
International Marketing MPK736 Module
Internship MWL318 Module
Internship MWL718 Module
Marketing Fundamentals MMK101 Module
Marketing Insights MMK365 Module
Marketing Management MPK732 Module
Marketing Mangement (Tour) MPT732 Module
Marketing, Positioning and Consumers MBA704 Module
Meta-Analysis Research Methods MMM909 Module
Online Marketing MMK737 Module
Professional Insight MWL101 Module
Research Design And Analysis MPK701 Module
Retail Management MMK217 Module
Retailing MPM705 Module
Services Marketing MMK751 Module
Services Marketing MMK251 Module
Sport Ethics and Integrity MMS704 Module
Sport Leadership and Governance MMS703 Module
Strategic Brand Management MMK739 Module
Strategic Change and Innovation MMM752 Module
Strategic Marketing MMK325 Module
Sustainable Environmental Marketing MPK704 Module
USA Study Program MPT736 Module

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