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Advanced Econometrics MAE901 Module
Advanced Economic Theory MAE903 Module
Agribusiness Governance MAB242 Module
Agribusiness Resource Management MAB251 Module
Agribusiness Technology MAB352 Module
Analytical Methods In Economics And Finance MAE256 Module
Applied Agribusiness Project MAB353 Module
Applied Econometrics MAE900 Module
Applied Econometrics For Economics And Finance MAE306 Module
Behavioural Economics for Business and Policy MAE215 Module
Black Market Economics: Exploring the Underworld of Illicit Trade MAE226 Module
Business And Climate Change MAE233 Module
Choice, Strategies And Dilemmas MAE301 Module
Competition And Industry MAE201 Module
Econometrics Ii MAE906 Module
Economic Policy And Practice MAE307 Module
Economic Principles MAE101 Module
Economic Strategy For Business MAE214 Module
Economics And Quantitative Methods CAF008 Module
Economics And Quantitative Methods CAF008EO Module
Economics For Managers MPEQ781 Module
Economics For Managers MPE781 Module
Economics For Managers (tour) MPT781 Module
Energy, Environment And Sustainability MAE305 Module
Game Theory And Its Applications MAE908 Module
Global Challenges in Business and Policy: Food, Water and Climate MAE341 Module
Global Trade And Markets MPE711 Module
Growth Inequality And Conflict MAE208 Module
International Banking And Finance MPE707 Module
International Trade MAE213 Module
Labour And Health Economics MAE304 Module
Macroeconomic Theory And Policy MAE905 Module
Macroeconomic Theory Ii MAE907 Module
Macroeconomics MAE782 Module
Macroeconomics Of Open Economies MAE302 Module
Money, Growth and The Economy MAE120 Module
National Economic Policy MAE312 Module
The Economic Environment MBA703 Module
The Global Economy MAE203 Module

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