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Name Code Type
Advanced Corporate Finance MAF453 Module
Advanced Corporate Finance MAF903 Module
Advanced Corporate Finance MAF764 Module
Advanced Derivative Securities MAF430 Module
Advanced Derivative Securities MAF902 Module
Advanced Derivative Securities MAF762 Module
Advanced Financial Management MAF755 Module
Advanced Financial Planning MAF312 Module
Advanced Investments MAF421 Module
Advanced Investments MAF761 Module
Advanced Property Analysis MMP321 Module
Advanced Property Development MMP222 Module
Advanced Property Development MMP322 Module
Advanced Property Valuation MMP311 Module
Analytical Methods MAF759 Module
Applied Business Finance IPA006 Module
Applied Corporate Finance MAF703 Module
Building Client Relationships MAF315 Module
Business And Financial Econometrics MAF723 Module
Business Finance MAF203 Module
Commercial Property Construction MMP214 Module
Corporate Finance MAF302 Module
Derivative And Fixed Income Securities MAF308 Module
Empirical Asset Pricing MAF908 Module
Empirical Methods in Corporate Finance MAF907 Module
Equities And Investment Analysis MAF307 Module
Finance MPT953 Module
Finance MAF721 Module
Finance MPF753 Module
Finance MPF953 Module
Finance MBA722 Module
Finance MPT753 Module
Finance CAF009EO Module
Finance CAF009 Module
Financial Markets MAF702 Module
Financial Modelling MAF384 Module
Financial Planning MAF255 Module
Financial Planning And Analysis MAF765 Module
Financial Planning Development MAF709 Module
Fundamentals Of Finance MAF101 Module
Futures, Options And Other Derivatives MAF713 Module
International Banking And Finance MPE907 Module
International Finance MFT760 Module
International Finance MAF760 Module
International Finance And Investment MAF306 Module
International Finance And Investment MFT306 Module
International Trade MET303 Module
Introduction To Property MMP111 Module
Introduction To Property Development MMP122 Module
Investment Valuation MMP742 Module
Investments And Portfolio Management MAF707 Module
Management Of Real Estate MMP731 Module
Managing Client Relationships MAF714 Module
Modelling Techniques For Finance MAF711 Module
Money And Capital Markets MAF202 Module
Property And Real Estate Context MMP713 Module
Property And Real Estate Law And Practice MMP721 Module
Property And Real Estate Valuation MMP741 Module
Property Development MMP732 Module
Property Economics MMP213 Module
Property Investment MMP212 Module
Property Law and Practice MMP223 Module
Property Law And Practice MMP121 Module
Property Management MMP221 Module
Quantitative Methods For Finance MAF904 Module
Rating And Statutory Valuation MMP712 Module
Statutory Valuation MMP211 Module
Superannuation And Retirement Planning MAF708 Module
Treasury And Risk Management MAF704 Module
Treasury Dealing MAF767 Module
Treasury Operations MAF367 Module

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