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Name Code Type
Accounting MPA701 Module
Accounting And Society MAA310 Module
Accounting For Decision Making MAA103 Module
Accounting For Management MAA703 Module
Accounting Information Systems CAF002EO Module
Accounting Information Systems MAA204 Module
Accounting Information Systems CAF002 Module
Accounting Standards and Practice IPA003 Module
Accounting Systems And Processes CAF001EO Module
Accounting Systems And Processes CAF001 Module
Accounting Theory CAF004 Module
Accounting Theory CAF004EO Module
Accounting Theory MAA720 Module
Administration of Trusts and Estates MAA747 Module
Advanced Accounting Principles And Practice MAA725 Module
Advanced Audit And Assurance MAA765 Module
Advanced Auditing MAA451 Module
Advanced Auditing MAA907 Module
Advanced Financial Planning MAA318 Module
Advanced Management Accounting MAA456 Module
Advanced Performance Management MAA764 Module
Audit and Assurance MAA303 Module
Audit And Assurance CAF006 Module
Audit And Assurance CAF006EO Module
Client Behaviour and Decision Making MAA215 Module
Contemporary Issues In Accounting MAA428 Module
Contemporary Issues in Accounting MAA906 Module
Corporate Accounting MAA363 Module
Corporate Auditing MAA705 Module
Corporate Reporting MAA726 Module
Enterprise Risk Management MAA754 Module
Estate Planning and Insurance MAA319 Module
Estate Planning and Risk Management Strategies MAA700 Module
Estate Planning Strategies MAA729 Module
Ethics For Financial Professionals MAA250 Module
Ethics for Financial Services MAA769 Module
Ethics for Financial Services MAI769 Module
Financial Accounting MAA716 Module
Financial Accounting CAF003 Module
Financial Accounting MAA261 Module
Financial Accounting CAF003EO Module
Financial Accounting And Reporting MAA718 Module
Financial Behaviour and Decision Making MAA728 Module
Financial Decision Making MBA702 Module
Financial Interpretation MPA702 Module
Financial Literacy MAA104 Module
Financial Planning MAA255 Module
Financial Planning Development MAA727 Module
Financial Planning Fundamentals MAA745 Module
Financial Reporting And Analysis MBA711 Module
Governance and Fraud IPA001 Module
Governance And Fraud MAA763 Module
Integrated Reporting and Value Creation MAA767 Module
Integrated Reporting and Value Creation MAA267 Module
Introductory Accounting MAA717 Module
Management Accounting CAF005 Module
Management Accounting MAA262 Module
Management Accounting CAF005EO Module
MBA Pre-Term: Accounting Fundamentals MBA072 Module
Principles Of Risk Management And Insurance MAA746 Module
Professional Research And Analysis MAA753 Module
Professional Research and Analysis IPA002 Module
Research Methods MAA427 Module
Strategic Management Accounting MAA744 Module
Strategic Management Accounting IPA004 Module
Stratgic Business Leader MAA795 Module
Superannuation And Retirement Planning MAA719 Module
Superannuation Planning MAA317 Module

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