This list relates to the time period Trimester Two 2017 which ended on 27/10/2017
  1. Background texts or readings 3 items
    1. Humanitarian ethics: a guide to the morality of aid in war and disaster - Hugo Slim, Ebooks Corporation 2015

      Book Prescribed An essential guide for the ethically troubled humanitarian. Chapter 12 'The Ethical Humanitarian Worker' is particularly relevant to the themes surveyed during this module.

    2. Time to let go: Remaking humanitarian action for the modern era - Christina Bennett 2016

      Document Recommended A useful overview of the history and current status of the humanitarian sector. An essential reading for those who have not taken (many) previous units in the Masters of Humanitarian Action

  2. Module 1: Weeks 1 and 2: Humanitarian Professionalism 9 items
    1. Readings: 9 items
      1. Core-Humanitarian-Competencies-Guide.pdf - Consortium of British Humanitarian Agencies 2011


      2. Being Humanitarian: Personal Morality and Political Project in Today's Wars - 14 Feb 2011, An Oxford Humanitarian Group Event 14 Feb 2011

        Audio document 

  3. Module 2: Weeks 3 and 4: Aid Worker Health & Wellbeing 18 items
    1. Trauma exposure and PTSD symptoms in international relief and development personnel - Cynthia B. Eriksson, Hendrika Vande Kemp, Richard Gorsuch, Stephen Hoke 01/2001


    2. Additional recommended readings (for essay on this topic): 8 items
  4. Module 3: Weeks 5 and 6: Operational Management 4 items
    1. Introduction to international disaster management - Damon P. Coppola 2015

      Book Prescribed An excellent updated resource on humanitarian management - please read chapter 1 and Chapter 2

  5. Module 4: Week 7 and 8: HR Management Systems & Practices 9 items
    1. Emergency Field Operations Pocketbook - World Food Programme 2002


  6. Module 5: Week 9-10: Safety and Security 8 items
    1. Security to go: a risk management toolkit for humanitarian aid agencies. 2nd edition - Davis, J. et al. 2017

      Document Prescribed This resource is strongly recommended to help develop a comprehensive understanding of security planning and management

  7. Additional readings: 16 items
    Check the following resources for items related to your essay or personal interests.
    1. Inside the mindful mind - R Teper, ZV Segal, M Inzlicht 2013


    2. A critical review of psychological treatments of posttraumatic stress disorder in refugees - Angela Nickerson, Richard A. Bryant, Derrick Silove, Zachary Steel 04/2011


    3. Management and Leadership in emergencies 5 items
      1. Humanitarian Strategy - Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) 15 August 2016


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